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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all this legal?

It most certainly is. Recently the FAA lost a lawsuit allowing it to ban commercial drones. Additionally, full size aircraft must maintain 500 feet from populated places and landmarks. Our drones fly below 500 feet AGL, and nowhere near airports.

How long has Aerial been around?

We’ve been working on the technology and execution for 3 years in hopes that the FAA would come up with commercial drone guidelines. We didn’t expect the FAA to lose their lawsuit.

Are You Worried About Failures?

The drones we’re using have various redundant systems built in to make them as reliable as possible. Additionally, we’re methodical about the maintenance of our fleet. We’ve brought in mechanical consultants who work on life-saving med-evac helicopters to help perfect our process.

What will you do if the FAA appeals the ruling and wins?

Multiple members of our team are aviators and have great respect for the FAA and NTSB. They’ve done great work in making aviation safer not just in America, but all over the world. If they appeal and win, our team will abide by their rules and jurisdiction.

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